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Created in 1827, Editions Perrin has, from its beginnings, catered to a readership of history lovers, researchers and teachers. An initial specialty was the publication of the speeches of the Académie Française and early works included those of: Tolstoy, Augustin Thierry, François Mauriac and René Grousset.

Today, Perrin is the leading history publisher in France – with a catalogue featuring chronicles and biographies, general syntheses and monographs, memoirs and essays. It offers both highly accessible and more demanding historical works.

Biographies of reference are : JOUKOV by Jean Lopez and Lasha Otkhmezuri ; LOUIS XIV by Jean-Christian Petitfils ; LE DERNIER EMPEREUR by Jean Sévillia ; BISMARCK by Jean-Paul Bled.

In the domain of popular history: the highly successful FEMMES DE DICTATEUR I and II by Diane Ducret with total sales for both volumes at over 330 000 copies in France and rights licensed in 20 countries. And of a more academic nature: A LA RECHERCHE DU TEMPS SACRE by Jacques Le Goff ; NOUVELLE HISTOIRE DE LA REVOLUTION FRANCAISE by Jean-Clément Martin ; REGARDS SUR LA DEMOCRATIE ATHENIENNE by Claude Mossé.

Prestigious historians from abroad contribute as well to Perrin’s list: John Keegan, Paul Kennedy, Carlo d’Este, Keith Lowe, Robin Lane Fox, Mary Beard and many others.

The paperback collection “Tempus” was created in 2002 and counts more than 500 titles, it is a rich illustration of Perrin’s editorial span and can be said to constitute the history lover’s “ideal library”.

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